Reminders for the KTI Dome

Your team’s cooperation for responsible use of the Kingston Thousands Islands Sportsplex is appreciated and required for our continued use of the facility. Remember…

  • Our field bookings start on the hour. If you are early, do not enter a field until our time starts, even if the field is empty.
  • Pick up your garbage when your game done and put it in a garbage can.
  • No spitting inside the dome.
  • Only water inside the dome.
  • No dirty shoes inside the dome.
  • If you have the last game, please return the bench to the sideline.
  • Teams play 7 v 7 this year.
  • Games are 25 minute halves, but must finish within the hour time slot.

2014-15 Indoor Season

The GKSSA 2014-15 Indoor Season started Monday, October 6th at the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex.

As of this writing, the on-line team information is incomplete, but that will be changing shortly.

The match schedule is now on-line. For the Open Division, we just have the games scheduled through December on-line. In Janary, this division will split into two groups, each with six teams.

this page updated on Sunday, October 5, 2014 at 22:57