Recent or Upcoming Games To Be Rescheduled

– recent or upcoming games that have been postponed

To Be Rescheduled
C41Cancoil BenficaClippers-Scarpazza DesignMon, Jul-28Woodbine 4
C42Kingston AthleticJKL RangersMon, Jul-28Willie Pratt
D41Westend DentalCataraqui IIIMon, Jul-28Barr Homes 4
D43Chez Piggy FCBarr Homes FCMon, Jul-28Barr Homes 2
C43Azores Eagles SCSPFC 2Mon, Jul-28Willie Pratt
D42Loyal OarsmanAICMon, Jul-28Woodbine 4

Upcoming Games That Have Been Rescheduled As Shown

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and Field
C52CFB KingstonKingston AthleticTomorrow @ 6:30 pmCFB Kingston
D30Eastron Tap HouseChez Piggy FCFri, Aug-01 @ 6:30 pmCaton's 1
C24Kingston AthleticCFB KingstonThu, Aug-07 @ 6:00 pmCFB Kingston
B34Napanee FCCataraqui IIFri, Aug-08 @ 6:00 pmBarr Homes 4
A1Glenhaven UnitedPilot House LCFC IFri, Aug-08 @ 6:30 pmCaton's 1
A12Cataraqui ISoccer Plus FCFri, Aug-08 @ 8:30 pmCaton's 1

Updated Outdoor Rules for 2014

The GKSSA Outdoor Rules and Regulations (2014-Apr)   have recently been updated. All team managers will likely want to have a copy of these!

Players Looking for Teams & Teams Looking for Players

Anyone can view this shared Google Drive Spreadsheet to look for players and teams. View it by clicking on the following link: Players and Teams Looking for a Match

To be included in this list, send and an email with releveant details to both .

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