Games To Be Rescheduled

– recent or upcoming games that have been postponed

To Be Rescheduled
C26JKL RangersScarpazza Homes ClippersMon, Jun-29Barr Homes 2
C27Progress PhysioCancoil BenficaMon, Jun-29Barr Homes 3

Rescheduled Games

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and Field
C16Westend DentalBarr Homes FCWed, Jul-08 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 2
D56CFB KingstonCataraqui IIIWed, Jul-08 @ 6:30 pmCFB Kingston
B20Overtime FCValhallaFri, Jul-10 @ 6:30 pmCaton's 1
A24Cataraqui ISoccer Plus FCFri, Jul-10 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes
B18The Keg FCCataraqui IIFri, Jul-10 @ 8:30 pmCaton's 1
C25Boston Pizza WTCBarr Homes FCWed, Jul-15 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 4
A29Kingston Hot FirePortuguese BenficaWed, Jul-15 @ 8:30 pmW J Henderson
B17Ryatt United SCParadiso PizzaFri, Jul-17 @ 6:30 pmW J Henderson
B19Azores Eagles SCGrizzly'sFri, Jul-17 @ 8:30 pmW J Henderson
A23Glenhaven UnitedKingston Hot FireSun, Jul-19 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 4

Cup Tie-Breakers

The first round of the cup knockouts begin Monday, Jun-01. The tie-breaking rules for this year’s competition are slightly different than last year.

If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the teams will proceed directly to kicks from the mark to determine a winner. This will be done as per FIFA rules (as per usual), with only those on the field at the end of the match being eligible to participate. This will apply to all games except for a cup final match.

If a cup final is tied at the end of regulation time, there will be two ten minute periods of extra time. There is no golden (or silver) goal; both periods of extra time will be played in full. If the match is still tied at the end of extra time, a penalty shootout will follow.

Cup Schedules Now On-line

This season’s cup schedules are now on-line. Competition for the Nathalie Cave Cup starts on Monday, Jun-01, and the first game in the Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup is on Tuesday, Jun-02.

2015 Outdoor schedule on-line

The regular season schedule for our 2015 outdoor games is now on-line. Cup games start early in June and that schedule will be on-line shortly. Up-to-date team information, including uniform changes, will be appearing over the next few days.

Updated GKSSA Constitution

A new set of by-laws for the GKSSA Constitution  were ratified at the Apr-29 General Meeting. You can also download the PDF from the Useful Links section at left.

Updated Rules & Regulations

Minor additions have been made to both the GKSSA indoor and outdoor rules and regulations. Download the PDFs from the Useful Links section at left.

Players Looking for Teams

As a courtesy to player hopefuls and teams looking for players, the GKSSA maintains a publicly accessible Google Drive spreadsheet with information about players looking for teams in the first tab, and teams looking for players in the second tab (tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet window).

Any players or teams that want to be added to this list should first refer to the document, and then send an email with the required information to GKSSA Statistician .

2015 Outdoor Division Alignment

  • Division A
  • Kingston Hot Fire
  • Cataraqui I
  • Glenhaven United
  • Boca Nooners
  • Portsmouth Celtic FC
  • Portuguese Benfica
  • Soccer Plus FC
  • Division B
  • Azores Eagles
  • Cataraqui II
  • Grizzly's
  • Paradiso Pizza
  • Overtime FC
  • Ryatt United SC
  • The Keg FC
  • Valhalla
  • Division C
  • Barr Homes FC
  • Cancoil Benfica
  • Scarpazza Homes Clippers
  • JKL Rangers
  • Progress Physio
  • SPFC 2
  • Westend Dental
  • Boston Pizza WTC
  • Division D
  • AIC
  • Atlas
  • CFB Kingston
  • Cataraqui III
  • Chez Piggy
  • Cotswold Home Inspection
  • First Responders FC
  • Remax United

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