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Dear Soccer Supporter:

This letter is being sent to introduce you to the newly formed Limestone City Football Club. We would ask that you make other soccer supporters aware of our club and our intentions, and contact any member of our executive for more information.


The Limestone City Football Club (2004) is a not for profit organization run by volunteers. The club has been formed to help bring a competitive level of soccer that currently does not exist, to the Kingston area. Developmental soccer will be provided through ‘U-21’ men’s and women’s teams and ‘Senior Open’ men’s and women’s teams, as well as ‘Recreational’ men’s and women’s teams. The intention of the club is to promote and enhance the development of soccer through competitive play and quality coaching. Competitive players at Youth Clubs will now be provided with a path to progress from the upper youth age limits to competitive soccer at the ‘U-21’ and ‘Senior Open’ levels. By doing this we hope to develop a higher profile for soccer in the area and greater opportunities for players with potential, to progress.

Sphere of Activity

Limestone City FC is located in Kingston and it is anticipated that a Senior Men’s and a Senior Women’s competitive league will be formed by SOSA. Teams will be actively recruited from a zone bordered by Trenton through Brockville and areas north (i.e. SOSA District). An agreement has been formulated between the Frontenac Secondary School and Limestone City FC in order that both a practice and playing field can be secured for use by the club. It is the intention of the Club to actively pursue the installation of high calibre playing fields suitable to the Kingston area. Future plans include the installation of artificial turf fields. These fields would increase available playing and practice times, help promote soccer in the area, and ultimately give Kingston greater exposure on the Provincial soccer scene.

Format of Play

Our men’s and women’s U-21 teams would play in the ERSL (East Regional Soccer League). If for some reason the ERSL U-21 Division is discontinued, these teams might join our Senior men’s and women’s teams in the new SOSA District League. We anticipate that the SOSA league would be comprised of 6 to 8 competitive teams, with at least 3/4 from the Kingston area. It is not the Club’s intention to interfere with or diminish the operations of the KWSC or the GKSSA, in fact players on ‘competitive’ teams are not restricted from playing on one or more ‘recreational’ teams. So, we would hope that the KWSC and the GKSSA see our initiative as a way to provide more opportunities for players seeking a higher ‘competitive’ level of play.


We will actively seek out sponsorships to help defray costs of team operation and to promote soccer. It is also anticipated that soccer will promote sponsorships in a win-win situation.

Promotion of Soccer

It is essential that soccer in the Kingston area take a higher profile. The recent success of international play in the area is indicative of the interest in soccer. A much higher profile is needed in terms of venues, competition, player profiles, and media attention. It is the club’s intention to pursue all avenues of promotion and to provide better opportunities for player development for area Youth Clubs.

Respectfully submitted by the LCFC Executive,

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