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team uniform Valhalla

C Division

Results History P W D L F A GD Pts
18 15 1 2 54 15 39 46


Brian Drew
Terry Bagnariol

Sponsored by

Denny's Restaurant

 3 Benson St, 613-547-9744

goals clean sheets MVP yellow cards red cards suspensions
Brett Patterson 9 1
Brian Drew   1
Floyd Young   1
Jamie Lappan 5   1
Jim Pereira   1
John Maas 10 1
Ken Robertson 2  
Kris Carrier 8   1 1 C29, C45
Mark Ohlmann 16
Mike Escano 2   1
Quinton Boisvert 4   1
Rob Rogers 4 1 C38, NC5, NC10, C68, C74, C79, NC13, C85, NC14, C90, PC1, PC5, PC7
Robin Searle 2 C85, PC1, PC5
Sean Rego 4 4 1 NC5, C90
Terry Bagnariol   1

Statistics shown are from regular season matches only.

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