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2009-Aug-21Valhalla Wins the Nathalie Cave Cup

Congratulations to Valhalla who won this year’s Nathalie Cave Cup Final. They won 2-0 against Loyal Oarsman.

2009-Aug-17Team Waiting List for the Fall Season

This year the GKSSA is organizing a fall outdoor season featuring two divisions of six teams each. Registration is $400 for 7 games.

Most of the slots are already taken, but if your team has not already spoken for one of these slots and are interested in participating, you should immediately contact to be placed on the waiting list.

Registration night is Thursday, August 20 from 7 PM to 8 PM at the Loyal Oarsman.

2009-Aug-17Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup Final

Soccer Plus FC plays AS Roma on Sunday, August 30 at 6:00 PM on Caton’s 2 in the Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup Final. (Note that this game was originally scheduled for Friday, August 21.)

2009-Aug-15Nathalie Cave Cup Final

Valhalla plays Loyal Oarsman on Friday, August 21 at 6:30 PM on Woodbine 5 in the Nathalie Cave Cup Final.

2009-Aug-15Playoff Schedule Now On-line

The playoff seeding and the dates, but not the time and fields, for this year’s playoff games are now available in the on-line schedule. To see only playoff games, just click the Playoff games checkbox.

The schedule will be updated as the final standings and field fixtures become known.

2009-Jul-30Important Reminder: Don’t Leave Garbage at the Field!

Kingston’s Park Operations have informed us that an excessive amount of garbage is being left at the Caton’s fields. If it continues, park users will be billed for the extra clean up costs.

Make sure your team does its part to put all garbage at Caton’s, and all fields we play at, in the appropriate cans that have been provided.

2009-Jul-30Name Change in Division B

The Division B team previously known as Soccer Plus United has changed their name to SPGS United. (To find out what those letters stand for, visit their team page.)

2009-Jul-07Keys for Lights at Caton’s and Woodbine

All teams should have a key for the lights at the Caton’s and Woodbine fields and should bring it to all games played there. (The same key works at both fields.) If you don’t have a key, get one from .

The home team is responsible for the lights at these fields. If a game is abandoned because no one had a key to the lights, the home team forfeits the match.

2009-Jul-07Nets at Frontenac SS

There are now goal nets at the Frontenac Secondary School field. For the rest of the season, teams playing there will no longer need to provide their own nets.

2009-Jun-16New Times for Wednesday Games at Woodbine 5

As of Wednesday, June 24, all games at Woodbine 5 that were previously scheduled for 8:30 PM have been moved to kick-off at 7:00 PM.

2009-May-25Outdoor Rules Updated

All team managers should be familiar with the GKSSA Rules and Regulations, and they’ve recently been updated (you’ll see the changes highlighted). You can always find a link to them in the sidebar on the home page.

GKSSA Outdoor Rules and Regulations (2009-Apr) 

2009 Outdoor Schedule is now on-line!

Share and enjoy! The first round of cup games are included. Subsequent cup games will be appearing shortly.

As of today, full team information is not on-line. It will be appearing shortly. If you have not yet provided the GKSSA with your complete team information, please do so right away.

2009-May-012009 Outdoor Season Team Alignment

Division A
AS Roma
Soccer Plus FC
Cataraqui I
Portuguese Benfica
Pilot House LCFC I
Vita Inter SC
Division B
Soccer Plus United
Johnny Mac’s
The Keg FC
Brandees B
Cataraqui II
Bentley Windows LCFC II
Jogo Bonito
Scarpazza Homes
Division C
Draught House
JKL Rangers
Loyal Oarsman
Iron Duke FC
CFB Kingston
Division D
Cataraqui III
Frontenac United
Portugese OT
Portsmouth FC
Brandees D
Napanee FC

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