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C4Mon, May.166:30 pmItalo ClubSleep Factory United3 - 1Brandees
C3Mon, May.166:30 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers4 - 1Portuguese OT
C2Mon, May.166:30 pmCaton's 1Loyal Oarsman4 - 2K.U.S.C.
C1Mon, May.166:30 pmAlcanValhalla1 - 1Rose and Crown LCFC III
C5Mon, May.166:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston1 - 1Cataraqui III
B1Tue, May.176:30 pmCaton's 1ihMyBar SC4 - 4Frontenac United
B4Tue, May.176:30 pmItalo ClubCrystal Palace2 - 0Vita SC
B3Tue, May.176:30 pmCaton's 2Cosme Auto0 - 1Cataraqui II
B2Tue, May.178:30 pmCaton's 1Maple Leaf FC2 - 2Limestone City FC II
B5Tue, May.179:00 pmWillie PrattEl Salvador3 - 0Loyalist
A4Wed, May.186:30 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United3 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
A3Wed, May.186:30 pmItalo ClubCataraqui I1 - 2Rangers
A2Wed, May.186:30 pmCaton's 1Fever1 - 3Portuguese Benfica
A5Wed, May.188:30 pmCaton's 1Grizzly's0 - 5Sporting
B10Tue, May.246:30 pmCaton's 1Cocamo Nooners2 - 3Crystal Palace
B8Tue, May.246:30 pmCaton's 2Vita SC3 - 4Maple Leaf FC
B6Tue, May.246:30 pmErnestown SSLimestone City FC II0 - 0Frontenac United
B7Tue, May.246:30 pmItalo ClubCataraqui II5 - 0ihMyBar SC
B9Tue, May.249:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist1 - 2Cosme Auto
A6Wed, May.256:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica1 - 3Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A7Wed, May.256:30 pmItalo ClubRangers0 - 2Calabria Italia
A9Wed, May.256:30 pmCaton's 2Sporting2 - 0Cataraqui I
A10Wed, May.258:30 pmCaton's 1Grizzly's1 - 0Kelsey's United
A1Fri, May.276:30 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC4 - 1Calabria Italia
C8Fri, May.276:30 pmCFBRose and Crown LCFC III0 - 0CFB Kingston
C6Fri, May.276:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla1 - 1JKL Rangers
C7Fri, May.276:30 pmHackett ParkK.U.S.C.1 - 2Brandees
C9Fri, May.276:30 pmItalo ClubLoyal Oarsman1 - 4Cataraqui III
C10Fri, May.278:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese OT1 - 4Sleep Factory United
C15Mon, May.306:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese OT0 - 0Loyal Oarsman
C14Mon, May.306:30 pmAlcanSleep Factory United5 - 0Rose and Crown LCFC III
C13Mon, May.306:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui III1 - 2K.U.S.C.
C11Mon, May.306:30 pmItalo ClubBrandees1 - 3Valhalla
C12Mon, May.306:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston0 - 1JKL Rangers
B14Tue, May.316:30 pmItalo ClubMaple Leaf FC2 - 1Cocamo Nooners
B15Tue, May.316:30 pmCaton's 2Cosme Auto1 - 3El Salvador
B11Tue, May.316:30 pmErnestown SSLimestone City FC II0 - 2Cataraqui II
B12Tue, May.318:30 pmCaton's 1Frontenac United1 - 4Vita SC
B13Tue, May.319:00 pmWillie PrattihMyBar SC3 - 1Loyalist
A13Wed, Jun.016:30 pmCaton's 1Calabria Italia1 - 2Sporting
A11Wed, Jun.016:30 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC0 - 2Rangers
A14Wed, Jun.016:30 pmItalo ClubFever6 - 1Grizzly's
A12Wed, Jun.016:30 pmErnestown SSPortuguese Benfica6 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
A15Wed, Jun.018:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I1 - 1Kelsey's United
C16Fri, Jun.036:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui III1 - 1Sleep Factory United
B17Fri, Jun.036:30 pmItalo ClubCocamo Nooners0 - 4Vita SC
B16Fri, Jun.036:30 pmCaton's 2Limestone City FC II8 - 0Crystal Palace
A8*Mon, Jun.066:30 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I1 - 7Fever
C18Mon, Jun.066:30 pmItalo ClubBrandees0 - 1Cataraqui III
C19Mon, Jun.066:30 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers0 - 0Sleep Factory United
C17Mon, Jun.066:30 pmCFBValhalla2 - 1CFB Kingston
C21Mon, Jun.066:30 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III2 - 4Loyal Oarsman
C20Mon, Jun.068:30 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.2 - 2Portuguese OT
B22Tue, Jun.076:30 pmItalo ClubCrystal Palace0 - 3Maple Leaf FC
B20Tue, Jun.076:30 pmCaton's 2Frontenac United5 - 3Cocamo Nooners
B18Tue, Jun.076:30 pmCaton's 1Vita SC1 - 3Cataraqui II
B21Tue, Jun.078:30 pmCaton's 1El Salvador2 - 0ihMyBar SC
B19Tue, Jun.079:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist3 - 7Limestone City FC II
A20Wed, Jun.086:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I0 - 5Fever
A16Wed, Jun.086:30 pmFrontenac SSPilot House LCFC I2 - 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A19Wed, Jun.086:30 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United0 - 2Calabria Italia
A18Wed, Jun.086:30 pmItalo ClubGrizzly's0 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A17Wed, Jun.088:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting3 - 4Rangers
C22Fri, Jun.106:30 pmCFBPortuguese OT0 - 1CFB Kingston
C23Fri, Jun.106:30 pmItalo ClubJKL Rangers1 - 0Rose and Crown LCFC III
B23Fri, Jun.108:30 pmCaton's 1Cosme Auto1 - 3Frontenac United
C24Mon, Jun.136:30 pmItalo ClubCataraqui III0 - 2Valhalla
C25Mon, Jun.136:30 pmCFBSleep Factory United2 - 0CFB Kingston
C26Mon, Jun.136:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese OT0 - 1Brandees
C28Mon, Jun.136:30 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III1 - 1K.U.S.C.
C27Mon, Jun.136:30 pmCaton's 2Loyal Oarsman1 - 2JKL Rangers
A21*Mon, Jun.138:30 pmCaton's 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC3 - 4Fever
B26Tue, Jun.146:30 pmFrontenac SSLimestone City FC II0 - 2El Salvador
B28Tue, Jun.146:30 pmItalo ClubihMyBar SC0 - 2Cosme Auto
B25Tue, Jun.146:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui II4 - 3Cocamo Nooners
B27Tue, Jun.148:30 pmCaton's 1Frontenac United2 - 0Crystal Palace
B24Tue, Jun.149:00 pmWillie PrattVita SC0 - 3Loyalist
A26Wed, Jun.156:30 pmItalo ClubCalabria Italia1 - 3Fever
A23Wed, Jun.156:30 pmFrontenac SSPilot House LCFC I2 - 4Grizzly's
A24Wed, Jun.156:30 pmCaton's 1Rangers2 - 4Kelsey's United
A22Wed, Jun.156:30 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC3 - 0Sporting
A25Wed, Jun.158:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica5 - 1Cataraqui I
B29*Fri, Jun.176:30 pmCaton's 1Maple Leaf FC3 - 0ihMyBar SC
B30Fri, Jun.176:30 pmItalo ClubEl Salvador3 - 2Cataraqui II
A27Fri, Jun.176:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui I1 - 0Calabria Italia
C29Mon, Jun.206:30 pmCaton's 2Valhalla2 - 1Sleep Factory United
C31Mon, Jun.206:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston0 - 2Loyal Oarsman
C33Mon, Jun.206:30 pmItalo ClubJKL Rangers4 - 1K.U.S.C.
C32Mon, Jun.206:30 pmAlcanBrandees1 - 3Rose and Crown LCFC III
C30Mon, Jun.208:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui III3 - 0Portuguese OT
B32Tue, Jun.216:30 pmItalo ClubEl Salvador1 - 1Maple Leaf FC
B33Tue, Jun.216:30 pmCaton's 2ihMyBar SC1 - 1Cocamo Nooners
B35Tue, Jun.216:30 pmErnestown SSVita SC4 - 1Limestone City FC II
B31Tue, Jun.218:30 pmCaton's 1Crystal Palace2 - 3Cosme Auto
B34Tue, Jun.219:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist5 - 4Frontenac United
A30Wed, Jun.226:30 pmErnestown SSCataraqui I1 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
A31Wed, Jun.226:30 pmCaton's 1Fever2 - 1Rangers
A32Wed, Jun.226:30 pmCaton's 2Calabria Italia2 - 5Portuguese Benfica
A29Wed, Jun.226:30 pmItalo ClubKelsey's United0 - 1Sporting
A28Wed, Jun.228:30 pmCaton's 1Grizzly's1 - 3Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A33Fri, Jun.246:30 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
C34Fri, Jun.246:30 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.2 - 2Valhalla
B37Fri, Jun.246:30 pmItalo ClubLimestone City FC II2 - 2Cocamo Nooners
B36Fri, Jun.248:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II1 - 4Loyalist
C36Mon, Jun.276:30 pmCaton's 1Loyal Oarsman1 - 2Sleep Factory United
C38Mon, Jun.276:30 pmCFBK.U.S.C.4 - 4CFB Kingston
C35Mon, Jun.276:30 pmCaton's 2Portuguese OT1 - 2Valhalla
C37Mon, Jun.276:30 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III0 - 1Cataraqui III
C39Mon, Jun.276:30 pmItalo ClubJKL Rangers6 - 0Brandees
B41Tue, Jun.286:30 pmFrontenac SSCosme Auto1 - 1Limestone City FC II
B39Tue, Jun.286:30 pmCaton's 2El Salvador0 - 2Vita SC
B40Tue, Jun.286:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II4 - 1Crystal Palace
B42Tue, Jun.286:30 pmItalo ClubMaple Leaf FC2 - 0Frontenac United
B38Tue, Jun.289:00 pmWillie PrattCocamo Nooners4 - 1Loyalist
A35Wed, Jun.296:30 pmCaton's 2Fever4 - 0Kelsey's United
A34Wed, Jun.296:30 pmItalo ClubCataraqui I1 - 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A36Wed, Jun.298:30 pmCaton's 1Calabria Italia2 - 0Grizzly's
EX1Sun, Jul.031:30 pmItalo ClubGKSSA Select4 - 2Duna Hungary
C41Mon, Jul.046:30 pmAlcanPortuguese OT0 - 2Rose and Crown LCFC III
C42Mon, Jul.046:30 pmItalo ClubSleep Factory United2 - 0K.U.S.C.
C43Mon, Jul.046:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui III0 - 2JKL Rangers
C44Mon, Jul.046:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston3 - 2Brandees
C40Mon, Jul.048:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla1 - 3Loyal Oarsman
B47Tue, Jul.056:30 pmErnestown SSLimestone City FC II1 - 0ihMyBar SC
B45Tue, Jul.056:30 pmItalo ClubVita SC1 - 0Cosme Auto
B46Tue, Jul.056:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui II2 - 1Maple Leaf FC
B43Tue, Jul.058:30 pmCaton's 1Cocamo Nooners0 - 3El Salvador
B44Tue, Jul.059:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist1 - 0Crystal Palace
A43Wed, Jul.066:30 pmItalo ClubRangers2 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A41Wed, Jul.066:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting0 - 4Fever
A42Wed, Jul.066:30 pmErnestown SSPilot House LCFC I0 - 2Calabria Italia
A40Wed, Jul.066:30 pmCaton's 2Grizzly's0 - 3Cataraqui I
A39Wed, Jul.068:30 pmCaton's 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC1 - 1Kelsey's United
B50Fri, Jul.086:30 pmCaton's 1Maple Leaf FC2 - 2Cosme Auto
B48Fri, Jul.086:30 pmItalo ClubFrontenac United1 - 5El Salvador
A44Fri, Jul.086:30 pmCaton's 2Grizzly's1 - 3Rangers
B49Fri, Jul.088:30 pmCaton's 1ihMyBar SC4 - 3Crystal Palace
C45Mon, Jul.116:30 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III1 - 3Valhalla
C47Mon, Jul.116:30 pmItalo ClubPortuguese OT0 - 0JKL Rangers
C49Mon, Jul.116:30 pmCFBCataraqui III1 - 1CFB Kingston
C46Mon, Jul.116:30 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.2 - 2Loyal Oarsman
C48Mon, Jul.116:30 pmCaton's 2Brandees2 - 2Sleep Factory United
B51Tue, Jul.126:30 pmCaton's 1Crystal Palace1 - 4El Salvador
B55Tue, Jul.126:30 pmItalo ClubFrontenac United4 - 5Cataraqui II
B52Tue, Jul.126:30 pmCaton's 2Cosme Auto2 - 1Cocamo Nooners
B54Tue, Jul.128:30 pmCaton's 1ihMyBar SC0 - 2Vita SC
B53Tue, Jul.129:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist2 - 2Maple Leaf FC
A49Wed, Jul.136:30 pmItalo ClubSporting4 - 1Grizzly's
A48Wed, Jul.136:30 pmFrontenac SSPilot House LCFC I3 - 1Kelsey's United
A47Wed, Jul.136:30 pmCaton's 2Rangers2 - 1Cataraqui I
A45Wed, Jul.136:30 pmCaton's 1Calabria Italia2 - 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A46Wed, Jul.138:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica2 - 1Fever
N6Fri, Jul.156:15 pmErnestown SSRose and Crown LCFC III0 - 2Loyal Oarsman
N1Fri, Jul.156:15 pmCaton's 1Sleep Factory United0 - 0Cataraqui III
Penalty Kicks:(0 - 3)
N2Fri, Jul.156:15 pmCaton's 2Frontenac United0 - 6Crystal Palace
N4Fri, Jul.157:25 pmCaton's 2CFB Kingston0 - 0Valhalla
Penalty Kicks:(1 - 3)
N3Fri, Jul.157:25 pmCaton's 1JKL Rangers2 - 1Loyalist
N7Fri, Jul.157:25 pmErnestown SSPortuguese OT2 - 0Brandees
N5Fri, Jul.158:35 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.0 - 1ihMyBar SC
P1Sat, Jul.169:00 amCaton's 1Cataraqui II1 - 2Fever
P2Sat, Jul.169:00 amCaton's 2El Salvador1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
P4Sat, Jul.1610:10 amCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC2 - 0Calabria Italia
P3 (f)Sat, Jul.1610:10 amCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I3 - 0Grizzly's
P6Sat, Jul.1611:20 amCaton's 2Maple Leaf FC0 - 5Kelsey's United
P5Sat, Jul.1611:20 amCaton's 1Rangers1 - 1Vita SC
Penalty Kicks:(1 - 3)
P8Sat, Jul.1612:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui I1 - 2Sporting
P7Sat, Jul.1612:30 pmCaton's 1Cosme Auto0 - 0Limestone City FC II
Penalty Kicks:(0 - 2)
N9Sat, Jul.161:40 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers3 - 1Cocamo Nooners
N8Sat, Jul.161:40 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui III1 - 1Crystal Palace
Penalty Kicks:(4 - 1)
N11Sat, Jul.162:50 pmCaton's 2Loyal Oarsman1 - 1Portuguese OT
Penalty Kicks:(3 - 5)
N10Sat, Jul.162:50 pmCaton's 1Valhalla0 - 2ihMyBar SC
P9Sat, Jul.164:00 pmCaton's 1Fever2 - 1Portuguese Benfica
P10Sat, Jul.164:00 pmCaton's 2Pilot House LCFC I0 - 3Soccer Post Arsenal FC
P12Sat, Jul.165:10 pmCaton's 2Limestone City FC II0 - 4Sporting
P11Sat, Jul.165:10 pmCaton's 1Vita SC1 - 3Kelsey's United
N12Sun, Jul.1711:00 amCaton's 2Cataraqui III1 - 1JKL Rangers
Penalty Kicks:(3 - 4)
N13Sun, Jul.1711:00 amCaton's 1ihMyBar SC0 - 0Portuguese OT
Penalty Kicks:(2 - 4)
P13Sun, Jul.1712:15 pmCaton's 2Fever0 - 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC
P14*Sun, Jul.1712:15 pmCaton's 1Kelsey's United0 - 1Sporting
N14Sun, Jul.172:00 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers3 - 1Portuguese OT
P15Sun, Jul.173:30 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC1 - 0Sporting
C53Mon, Jul.186:30 pmItalo ClubPortuguese OT0 - 1K.U.S.C.
C51Mon, Jul.186:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui III4 - 0Brandees
C50Mon, Jul.186:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston1 - 2Valhalla
C54Mon, Jul.186:30 pmAlcanLoyal Oarsman5 - 1Rose and Crown LCFC III
C52Mon, Jul.188:30 pmCaton's 1Sleep Factory United2 - 1JKL Rangers
B57Tue, Jul.196:30 pmErnestown SSLimestone City FC II0 - 0Maple Leaf FC
B58Tue, Jul.196:30 pmItalo ClubCataraqui II2 - 1Cosme Auto
B59Tue, Jul.196:30 pmCaton's 1Vita SC3 - 0Crystal Palace
B56Tue, Jul.196:30 pmCaton's 2Frontenac United3 - 3ihMyBar SC
B60Tue, Jul.199:00 pmWillie PrattLoyalist2 - 2El Salvador
A54Wed, Jul.206:30 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United6 - 0Grizzly's
A50Wed, Jul.206:30 pmItalo ClubSoccer Post Arsenal FC2 - 0Portuguese Benfica
A52Wed, Jul.206:30 pmErnestown SSFever2 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
A53Wed, Jul.206:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I2 - 1Sporting
A51Wed, Jul.208:30 pmCaton's 1Calabria Italia2 - 0Rangers
C55Fri, Jul.226:30 pmCaton's 1Loyal Oarsman6 - 0Brandees
A55Fri, Jul.226:30 pmCaton's 2Sporting0 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
B61Fri, Jul.226:30 pmItalo ClubCocamo Nooners1 - 2Limestone City FC II
C58Mon, Jul.256:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston2 - 3Rose and Crown LCFC III
C57Mon, Jul.256:30 pmAlcanBrandees1 - 2K.U.S.C.
C60Mon, Jul.256:30 pmCaton's 2Sleep Factory United1 - 1Portuguese OT
C59Mon, Jul.256:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui III0 - 3Loyal Oarsman
C56Mon, Jul.258:30 pmCaton's 1JKL Rangers1 - 1Valhalla
B63Tue, Jul.266:30 pmItalo ClubihMyBar SC1 - 4Cataraqui II
B65Tue, Jul.266:30 pmWillie PrattCosme Auto3 - 2Loyalist
B64Tue, Jul.266:30 pmCaton's 2Maple Leaf FC1 - 2Vita SC
B62*Tue, Jul.266:30 pmErnestown SSFrontenac United2 - 6Limestone City FC II
B66Tue, Jul.268:30 pmCaton's 1Crystal Palace1 - 1Cocamo Nooners
A59Wed, Jul.276:30 pmCaton's 2Grizzly's1 - 1Fever
A57*Wed, Jul.276:30 pmErnestown SSPilot House LCFC I0 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A56Wed, Jul.276:30 pmCaton's 1Rangers0 - 0Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A60Wed, Jul.276:30 pmItalo ClubKelsey's United1 - 2Cataraqui I
A58Wed, Jul.278:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting4 - 2Calabria Italia
B70Tue, Aug.026:30 pmCaton's 1Cocamo Nooners0 - 1Maple Leaf FC
B67Tue, Aug.026:30 pmErnestown SSCataraqui II0 - 2Limestone City FC II
B68Tue, Aug.026:30 pmItalo ClubVita SC1 - 1Frontenac United
B69Tue, Aug.026:30 pmWillie PrattLoyalist2 - 1ihMyBar SC
B71Tue, Aug.026:30 pmCaton's 2El Salvador2 - 2Cosme Auto
A61Wed, Aug.036:30 pmErnestown SSSoccer Post Arsenal FC4 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
A63Wed, Aug.036:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica7 - 2Grizzly's
A62Wed, Aug.036:30 pmCaton's 2Rangers2 - 0Sporting
A64Wed, Aug.036:30 pmItalo ClubCalabria Italia3 - 2Kelsey's United
A65Wed, Aug.038:30 pmCaton's 1Fever2 - 0Cataraqui I
C65Fri, Aug.056:30 pmItalo ClubLoyal Oarsman2 - 2Portuguese OT
C61Fri, Aug.056:30 pmCaton's 2Valhalla5 - 0Brandees
C62Fri, Aug.056:30 pmCFBJKL Rangers0 - 1CFB Kingston
C64Fri, Aug.056:30 pmFrontenac SSRose and Crown LCFC III2 - 0Sleep Factory United
C63Fri, Aug.056:30 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.0 - 3Cataraqui III
A37*Fri, Aug.058:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica0 - 2Sporting
C69Mon, Aug.086:30 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers3 - 5Loyal Oarsman
C70Mon, Aug.086:30 pmAlcanK.U.S.C.1 - 3Rose and Crown LCFC III
C67Mon, Aug.086:30 pmCFBCFB Kingston1 - 3Sleep Factory United
C68Mon, Aug.086:30 pmCaton's 1Brandees0 - 5Portuguese OT
C66Mon, Aug.088:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla1 - 0Cataraqui III
B76Tue, Aug.096:30 pmItalo ClubMaple Leaf FC1 - 1Crystal Palace
B75Tue, Aug.096:30 pmCaton's 1ihMyBar SC0 - 5El Salvador
B73Tue, Aug.096:30 pmWillie PrattLimestone City FC II0 - 0Loyalist
B74Tue, Aug.096:30 pmCaton's 2Cocamo Nooners2 - 4Frontenac United
B72Tue, Aug.098:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II2 - 1Vita SC
A67Wed, Aug.106:30 pmFrontenac SSGrizzly's3 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
A68Wed, Aug.106:30 pmCaton's 1Kelsey's United0 - 2Rangers
A66Wed, Aug.106:30 pmItalo ClubSporting1 - 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A69Wed, Aug.106:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui I1 - 3Portuguese Benfica
A70Wed, Aug.108:30 pmCaton's 1Fever5 - 0Calabria Italia
C71Fri, Aug.126:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla4 - 1K.U.S.C.
B77Fri, Aug.126:30 pmCaton's 2Cosme Auto1 - 6Maple Leaf FC
C72Fri, Aug.128:30 pmCaton's 1Brandees0 - 10Loyal Oarsman
C77Mon, Aug.156:00 pmCaton's 2K.U.S.C.1 - 3JKL Rangers
C75Mon, Aug.156:00 pmCFBLoyal Oarsman3 - 1CFB Kingston
C74Mon, Aug.156:00 pmItalo ClubPortuguese OT1 - 4Cataraqui III
C76Mon, Aug.156:00 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III0 - 0Brandees
C73Mon, Aug.158:30 pmCaton's 1Sleep Factory United1 - 0Valhalla
B82Tue, Aug.166:00 pmItalo ClubCosme Auto0 - 0ihMyBar SC
B79Tue, Aug.166:00 pmCaton's 2Cocamo Nooners0 - 3Cataraqui II
B80Tue, Aug.166:00 pmFrontenac SSEl Salvador2 - 1Limestone City FC II
B78Tue, Aug.166:30 pmWillie PrattLoyalist1 - 3Vita SC
B81Tue, Aug.166:30 pmCaton's 1Crystal Palace1 - 0Frontenac United
A73Wed, Aug.176:00 pmFrontenac SSPilot House LCFC I2 - 1Cataraqui I
A74Wed, Aug.176:00 pmItalo ClubRangers0 - 3Fever
A75Wed, Aug.176:00 pmCaton's 2Portuguese Benfica1 - 2Calabria Italia
A71Wed, Aug.176:30 pmCaton's 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC3 - 1Grizzly's
A72Wed, Aug.178:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting3 - 1Kelsey's United
A38*Fri, Aug.196:00 pmCaton's 2Rangers0 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
C79Fri, Aug.196:00 pmCFBCFB Kingston0 - 1Portuguese OT
C78Fri, Aug.196:30 pmCaton's 1Sleep Factory United3 - 0Cataraqui III
C80Mon, Aug.226:00 pmCaton's 2Valhalla1 - 0Portuguese OT
C82Mon, Aug.226:00 pmAlcanCataraqui III0 - 1Rose and Crown LCFC III
C83Mon, Aug.226:00 pmCFBCFB Kingston0 - 2K.U.S.C.
C84Mon, Aug.226:30 pmCaton's 1Brandees0 - 8JKL Rangers
C81Mon, Aug.228:30 pmCaton's 1Sleep Factory United2 - 1Loyal Oarsman
B86Tue, Aug.236:00 pmFrontenac SSLimestone City FC II1 - 3Cosme Auto
B84Tue, Aug.236:00 pmItalo ClubVita SC0 - 2El Salvador
B85Tue, Aug.236:00 pmCaton's 2Crystal Palace3 - 3Cataraqui II
B83Tue, Aug.236:30 pmWillie PrattLoyalist2 - 1Cocamo Nooners
B87Tue, Aug.238:30 pmCaton's 1Frontenac United3 - 0Maple Leaf FC
A76Wed, Aug.246:00 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United4 - 5Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A77Wed, Aug.246:00 pmItalo ClubCataraqui I0 - 2Grizzly's
A79Wed, Aug.246:00 pmFrontenac SSCalabria Italia2 - 3Pilot House LCFC I
A78Wed, Aug.246:30 pmCaton's 1Fever1 - 1Sporting
A80Wed, Aug.248:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica1 - 3Rangers
B88Fri, Aug.266:00 pmCaton's 2Crystal Palace0 - 1ihMyBar SC
B89*Fri, Aug.266:30 pmCaton's 1El Salvador1 - 1Frontenac United
C85Fri, Aug.268:30 pmCaton's 1Rose and Crown LCFC III2 - 3JKL Rangers
C87Mon, Aug.296:00 pmAlcanRose and Crown LCFC III2 - 4Portuguese OT
C89Mon, Aug.296:00 pmCaton's 2JKL Rangers3 - 0Cataraqui III
C90Mon, Aug.296:00 pmCFBBrandees0 - 2CFB Kingston
C88Mon, Aug.296:30 pmCaton's 1K.U.S.C.0 - 4Sleep Factory United
C86Mon, Aug.298:30 pmCaton's 1Loyal Oarsman2 - 0Valhalla
B93Tue, Aug.306:00 pmCaton's 2Maple Leaf FC2 - 0Cataraqui II
B90Tue, Aug.306:00 pmItalo ClubEl Salvador4 - 0Cocamo Nooners
B94Tue, Aug.306:00 pmErnestown SSihMyBar SC1 - 1Limestone City FC II
B91Tue, Aug.306:30 pmWillie PrattCrystal Palace1 - 4Loyalist
B92Tue, Aug.306:30 pmCaton's 1Cosme Auto0 - 2Vita SC
A81Wed, Aug.316:00 pmItalo ClubFever0 - 1Soccer Post Arsenal FC
A85Wed, Aug.316:00 pmErnestown SSPilot House LCFC I0 - 2Sporting
A84Wed, Aug.316:00 pmCaton's 2Rangers0 - 0Grizzly's
A82Wed, Aug.316:30 pmCaton's 1Calabria Italia2 - 2Cataraqui I
A83 (f)Wed, Aug.318:30 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica0 - 3Kelsey's United
B95Tue, Sep.066:00 pmItalo ClubEl Salvador5 - 0Crystal Palace
B99Tue, Sep.066:00 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui II2 - 1Frontenac United
B97Tue, Sep.066:30 pmWillie PrattMaple Leaf FC0 - 5Loyalist
B98Tue, Sep.066:30 pmCaton's 1Vita SC5 - 0ihMyBar SC
B96Tue, Sep.068:30 pmCaton's 1Cocamo Nooners2 - 3Cosme Auto
A87Wed, Sep.076:00 pmCaton's 2Kelsey's United2 - 4Fever
A86Wed, Sep.076:00 pmItalo ClubSoccer Post Arsenal FC0 - 3Cataraqui I
A90Wed, Sep.076:00 pmFrontenac SSPilot House LCFC I1 - 6Rangers
A88Wed, Sep.076:30 pmCaton's 1Grizzly's1 - 0Calabria Italia
A89Wed, Sep.078:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting4 - 0Portuguese Benfica
CP1 (f)Fri, Sep.096:00 pmCaton's 2Sleep Factory United3 - 0CFB Kingston
CP2Fri, Sep.096:30 pmCaton's 1JKL Rangers7 - 1K.U.S.C.
CP3Fri, Sep.098:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla1 - 0Rose and Crown LCFC III
BP1Sat, Sep.109:00 amCaton's 2El Salvador6 - 1Frontenac United
CP4*Sat, Sep.109:00 amCaton's 1Loyal Oarsman2 - 3Cataraqui III
BP3Sat, Sep.1011:00 amCaton's 1Vita SC6 - 1Cosme Auto
BP2 (f)Sat, Sep.1011:00 amCaton's 2Cataraqui II3 - 0Limestone City FC II
AP1 (f)Sat, Sep.101:00 pmCaton's 2Fever0 - 3Cataraqui I
BP4Sat, Sep.101:00 pmCaton's 1Maple Leaf FC4 - 1Loyalist
AP2 (f)Sat, Sep.103:00 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC3 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
AP3Sat, Sep.103:00 pmCaton's 1Sporting7 - 1Calabria Italia
AP4Sat, Sep.105:00 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica2 - 7Rangers
CP5*Sun, Sep.1111:00 amCaton's 2Sleep Factory United4 - 1Cataraqui III
CP6*Sun, Sep.1111:00 amCaton's 1JKL Rangers2 - 1Valhalla
BP5Sun, Sep.111:00 pmCaton's 2El Salvador0 - 0Maple Leaf FC
Penalty Kicks:(2 - 3)
BP6Sun, Sep.111:00 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II0 - 1Vita SC
AP5*Sun, Sep.113:00 pmCaton's 2Soccer Post Arsenal FC2 - 1Cataraqui I
AP6Sun, Sep.113:00 pmCaton's 1Sporting2 - 1Rangers
CP7Sun, Sep.1811:00 amItalo ClubSleep Factory United2 - 3JKL Rangers
BP7Sun, Sep.181:00 pmItalo ClubMaple Leaf FC2 - 1Vita SC
AP7Sun, Sep.183:00 pmItalo ClubSoccer Post Arsenal FC3 - 0Sporting